We’ve now gotten to grips with the new Modix Big-60 printer and are using it almost every day. Here are a few of the prints we’ve done so far:

Top left – A cell enclosure for 18650 cells, which will form part of a go-kart battery module
This print allowed us to use the very large bed size and the final print was almost 2kg of PLA

Top right – A set of bus bar terminal covers for the battery pack on out 1968 Porsche 912 conversion.
This print also took advantage of the large bed size as we were able to print a batch of 12 at once.
These were printed in orange ABS.

Bottom Left – These were some parts for our new Filastruder. This will allow us to recycle used plastic into new filament.

Bottom Right – This is the mounting bracket for the charger on our electric jet ski. This was another large print that took advantage of the size of the print bed.

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