Changing the world one coulomb at a time.

Your reliable and innovative rechargeable energy storage system development partner.

We believe in approaching design challenges through both evolution and revolution.

Evolving existing technologies to optimise performance and reliability whilst also aiming to leap frog current thinking and deliver market disrupting solutions.

We offer a full range of solutions from a complete turn key rechargable lithium battery system to supply of battery management system (BMS) and cell packaging components for your own integration.

Our products have a proven track record in a variety of applications including electric motorsport, electric vehicles, grid energy storage systems, leisure vehicles and marine propulsion.

We can support you from concept development through to full drive system integration and beyond.

Module Drive Cycle Test Bench

1500 Amp current discharge upgrade time to our module drive cycle test bench.

Battery Testing Lab

Our new battery testing lab is starting to take shape.

Battery Pack Build

Andy's been busy pairing up graded cells for our next battery pack build.

3D Printing

Evolution of printing with super exotic thermally conductive material. Almost achieved printing perfection!

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