Cell Testing and Evaluation

Test Facilities

EVPARTS has a range of Lithium cell cycle testing equipment which can be used to provide cell level high frequency drive cycle simulation, cell performance characterisation, cell lifecycle evaluation or pack cell grading. The cell cyclers are combined with an environmental chamber to provide full control over testing temperature and humidity. Test fixtures are available for cylindrical and pouch format cells that ensure appropriate cell compression is maintained during testing.

We have two cell test cyclers from the   latest generation of Neware battery testing equipment, a BTS4008-5V-10A and a BTS8002-5V-100A.

The BTS4008 unit has 8 single cell  10Amp charge/discharge channels. The  channels can be connected in parallel  combinations to deliver up to 40Amps. It  can be used for HPPC (hybird pulse power  characterisation) for lower  capacity cells, step programmable drive  cycle testing and life cycle evaluation as  well as cell grading.


The BTS8002 unit has 2 single cell 100Amp charge/discharge channels. The two channels can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 200Amps. The cycler can be used for drive cycle simulations of power or current profiles at up to 100Hz frequency. It can also be used for larger capacity cell HPPC and cell life cycle evaluation. The cycler has 2 temperature protection monitoring channels and 8 auxiliary temperature logging channels.

The Unitemp environmental chamber can operate from -40°C to +140°C and 0% to 100% relative humidity. The environmental chamber can be programmed to follow temperature and humidity profiles during lithium cell testing.

An Applent AT526B Battery AC Internal Resistance Meter can be used to validate the cell characteristics before and after testing as required.



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