EVPARTS Engineering Services

Compliance testing

We can help you navigate through the maze of compliance regulations to ensure the correct testing is carried out for you to bring a robust product to market.

Defect Investigation

Our specialists have extensive experience working in the automotive industry and can support your electronic product defect investigation by applying structured problem solving methods.

Electronic design

We offer consultancy across a diverse range of design disciplines and can support your product from initial concept through to manufacture.

Embedded programming

Get your product up and running with our embedded programming services. We work with a range of microprocessors and have in depth knowledge of automotive CAN bus communication protocol for both passenger and heavy goods vehicle.

Industrial design systems

We can produce customised System Control and Data Aquisition systems to meet your requirements. Our speciality is grid connection managment for renewable energy systems.

Mechanical design

We have extensive experience designing packaging solutions for automotive and energy storage battery systems including electronic sub assembly design.

3D printing and Scanning

Our latest 3D printing service offers an extensive range of technologies, materials and design options meaning we can meet your specific requirements for rapid prototypes. We have considerable experience in creating battery packaging and functional components and enclosures. We can offer sizes of up to 600 x 600 x 600 in a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, PETG and PVA.

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